If the kitchen is known as the heart of the home, the bedroom is where you spend most time (assuming you sleep 25%-33% each day, and the sitting room/lounge is the home focus with your sofa and plasma screen, what then is the bathroom? Some people see the bathroom as just a utility room. Somewhere to go to get clean in the shower, and exit as quickly as possible. Others see it as a place where they can relax in the bath with scented floating candles, soft lights, music, and perhaps a glass of something sparkling. The latter may be a bit more difficult if you have a family and you need to get the kids off to school and yourself off to work in a strict time-frame. But however you use your bathroom, one thing is for certain, you want it to look good.
Renovating your bathroom can be an expensive and time-consuming business, so make sure that you and your family are going to appreciate and admire the finished result, and not just shrug their shoulders, or worse still, say they don’t like it: “On my God, Dad… Avocado bathrooms suites are soooo 1970s!”
The way to avoid this is to plan and consult. By planning every detail before you commit to any one décor scheme and then sharing your plans with those who are going to use the new facilities you should avoid a backlash of disappointment or ennui. First and foremost decide how much you want to spend.
One of the latest crazes is to change your whole bathroom into a “wet room”. While fairly expensive to install, wet rooms are excellent for family members with limited mobility as they will not have to step up or down into the shower. If you plan to transform your bathroom into a wet room you can find some really affordable wet room fixtures and fittings at My Bathrooms. But this endeavour is not for the faint-hearted. You have to be 100% committed to see this through to the end! Waterproof paint and/or wallpaper is a must, as is some form of damp-proofing, to prevent mould taking hold in the room. Cleaning the bathroom becomes a whole lot easier though!
If you want opulence, then there are many bath and bathroom designs that can make you feel like a movie star in a top-notch hotel. Go for an unusual shaped bath, such as a clam or shell shape with claw-footed rests. Add in imitation (or real!) gold taps and fixtures, and make sure you have shelves for flowers, scented candles, a battery-operated radio or CD, and some waterproof coloured LED ambient strip lighting. For colours go for light peach, cream, sky blue, or a light pink. My friend has an eco/jungle bathroom, with steam-loving ferns and a CD that plays either sounds of the Humpback Whale, or Amazonian Rain-Forest sounds at night. Rather hippy-dippy you may think, but it really makes for a relaxing bath-time experience rather than an in-out rinse and dry!
Or you may want to opt for the ultra-modern minimalist look. Smooth, sleek, white porcelain, silver taps and faucets, chrome soap dispensers and the main colour being brilliant white. Perhaps contrasted with some good quality earth-coloured quarry tiles or Italian white and blue patterned tiles.
Oh and why not finish off with the best quality towels you can find? That can really complete the luxury bathroom experience!

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