Elegant Wave-Shaped Handle for Minimalist Contemporary Kitchens

There is a huge variety of kitchen cabinet and drawer styles available today to suit any budget, and any style of kitchen. If you throw in the fact that many fascias of the drawers and cabinets can have different types of handles or knobs, then the permutations are endless. Sometimes trends come and go for kitchens, while other designs are timeless.
I am focusing here on a type of handle which will not be suitable for country-style kitchen affair with an Argo, dark wooden chunky cabinets and drawers and leaded light windows. This handle, called the Noma handle is by the company Viefe.is a superbly designed minimalist handle that blends into any modern cabinet or drawer design. If you want to give a mini-facelift to your kitchen there can be few better ways of doing it than by replacing your handles with these. They have an ultra-slim profile of just 1.2mm thick aluminium. it’s almost invisible and is arguably the next best thing to a built-in recessed handle. Its elegant wave design is not just pleasing to the eye but is easy to grip with your fingertips. The handle can be positioned on the sides or top depending on your preference.
When you see the Noma handles all in place in a modern kitchen, the overall effect is quite stunning. While the handles or very practical, they also look like small pieces of jewellery adorning your drawers and cabinets. With echoes of the beach, the wave design is elegant and eye-catching, but in a subtle way- not in an “in-you-face” way!
It is available in two formats depending on the thickness of the door which range from 19mm to 22mm. The installation is easy. It is screwed on via two screws located on its rear. You can replace all your kitchen handles well inside 60 minutes.
What of the company that makes the Noma handles? Viefe® is a specialist company that is dedicated to the manufacture and design of knobs and handles for furniture. With such a narrow specialism the company are able to channel all their creative juices into handles. They understand the decorative process, the importance of detail, and what a difference accessories can make to furniture, especially kitchen furniture. Indeed I know of friends who when having a brand new fitted kitchen installed, have insisted on Viefe handles right from the start. The company understands that accessories such as those they design can really bring out or transform the character of the furniture. Each handle is meticulously designed and then manufactured to the highest standard. The result are handles that are individual and can personalise your kitchen furniture, unlike “standard issue” handles and knobs that come with off-the-shelf kitchenware.
The Noma design embodies the Viefe understanding. It combines quality materials with a smooth flowing wave design that is ergonomically pleasing, minimalist, modern, and a delight to both look at and to use.

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