Bright lights for dark nights!

Long gone are the days when every room had a central light in the centre of the ceiling. Lighting these days comes in an almost unbelievable variety of designs, colours and sources. From wall lights, to LED strips along the passage, to ambient bedroom lighting to spots, tracks, solar outdoor lamps and all the way through to standard lamps and table lamps. You are spoilt for choice!
There is a company called that has a striking range of lighting designs that I want to tell you about. But first a little bit about the company because I think they have a fine eco-ethic and refreshing attitude. I must confess that I have some items in my home, and plan to get more. Their lighting, furniture and other products are affordable, and somewhere between minimalist and industrial, but with real soul and warmth. think that high street and expensive designer brands give consumers a raw deal. So making a stand: taking on the high street to offer original furniture design at affordable prices. They have a number of what they call “Quality Guardians” who regularly visit our manufacturers, wherever they are in the world, to check the quality of the materials and where they’re being sourced from. In this way the company can make sure that their wood is responsibly sourced: They never use illegally-felled wood or wood from endangered species of trees. They also check to make sure that their manufacturers provide a healthy working environment for their staff and meet high safety keep transportation emissions to a minimum by designing many of their products to be transported efficiently, thus minimising their carbon footprint.
One of my favourite lighting rigs is called the Starkey Cluster pendant light. It’s a simple, stripped back design that’s also available as a single piece. suggest hanging a cluster in one room and then using the single drop bulbs elsewhere in your home to create a sense of continuity between different rooms. That’s a great idea, and while each room may have different décor, the theme of lighting is repeated in each room, creating a harmony between very different rooms and interiors.
A little more “out there” is the Broadway lamp. This is a light inspired by the fun signage of theatres, cinemas, fairgrounds and amusement arcades at the end of the pier or along the promenade. It can be either wall mounted or left to rest freestanding on the floor, and is really an eye-popping conversation piece. It would look great in a room with exposed brickwork or uncovered wooden floors as well as provide a touch of fun to a more modern sitting room. Bring on the popcorn!
There are a lot more designs for lighting that you should go see on their internet pages. What I like about the designs is that they are not consciously trying to be hip- the weathered brass, the rusty look and feel, the way the lights are suspended, all come together in a natural and funky way. This is not saying “ok look at my expensive designer-brand lighting people and admire” it’s more “I know what I like and I enjoy this lighting and if you do too, that’s fine!”

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